A Safe, fair and Sustainable cross-chain DEX

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Agora Gaming DEFI

Enables efficient trading across multiple blockchains with low slippage, connecting the best games from various chains to provide users with a wide range of assets and a seamless trading experience.

Seamless access from EVM to Ultra

AgoraDex is deployed on the Ultra blockchain with a bridging solution, which  connects Ultra to other blockchains, allowing liquidity providers and traders to access the DEX and move assets seamlessly.

Fair Fees & Incentives program

✦ 50% of collected fees are allocated to protocol fees, split at a ratio of 35%-65% between the DAO and veAGA holders, while Liquidity Providers (LPs) earn 50% of trading fees from their respective pools. ✦ Modifications to the fee structure can be made through a governance proposal and vote.

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Liquidity provision & Incentive for UOS

✦ UOS liquidity provision can incentivize through a higher liquidity mining incentives allocation

✦ The distribution for the weekly emissions is split between LM Committee (10%), veAGA (10%), UOS Blockchain (50%), and EVM Blockchains (30%)

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powerful AI

With the support of Al liquidity optimizer, providers can manage their liquidity more efficiently, maximizing their profit while reducing risks. Agora aims to bring an AI-driven solution to its gamified-focused cross-chain DEX

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What is a decentralized exchange (DEX)?

A decentralized exchange is a platform that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies directly with each other without the need for intermediaries or a central authority. It operates on a decentralized blockchain network, providing users with greater control over their funds as well as enhanced security.

Are decentralized exchanges safe?

Decentralized exchanges prioritize security by leveraging blockchain technology and smart contracts. However, it's important to exercise caution and follow best practices when using any cryptocurrency exchange. This includes securing your wallet and private keys, double-checking transaction details, and verifying the reputation and security measures of the decentralized exchange you choose to use.

How does the Liquidity Optimizer work?

The liquidity optimizer in Agora utilizes AI technology to help liquidity providers effectively manage their liquidity, optimizing price ranges and reducing risks. By leveraging this AI-powered feature, liquidity providers can maximize their profits while attracting larger trades and becoming more capital efficient.

What is the Agora Token

The AGA token is an ethereum (ERC-20) multi-utility and governance token that embodies the basis of the Agora ecosystem.

AGA can be used by our community members in different ways to participate in the governance of our DAO as well as receiving a series of benefits.

✦ Staking - By locking up (staking) your AGA tokens, you will earn a percentage of the protocol trading fees charged in all transactions that take place in the Agora DEX, as well as esAGA en veAGA .

✦ Liquidity - By providing liquidity in our protocol's pools, you will earn a percentage of the pool's trading fees, as well as esAGA (when applicable).

what is esAGA and veAGA

✦ esAGA - Refers to escrowed AGA, which can be either staked for a percentage of the fees accrued by the protocol or vested linearly to convert them into AGA tokens.

Community members can earn esAGA by Staking the AGA token and/or by providing liquidity in one of the protocol’s pools which are eligible for liquidity mining rewards.

✦ veAGA - Refers to vote escrowed AGA, it provides a boost on the percentage of the fees accrued by the protocol that are earned by the staker, together with voting rights on proposals allowing you to participate in our DAO’s future direction.

Community members can earn veAGA by Staking the AGA token.

NB: It’s important to note that esAGA and veAGA cannot be transferred nor sold and provide holders exclusively with the benefits and rewards stated above.

Is the Cross-Chain DEX EVM compatible?

The first version of the Cross-Chain DEX will be EVM-compatible.

agora digital identity

digital Identity

Enables users to conveniently make in-game transactions, incurring fewer gas fees and improving their overall user experience. Additionally, users can manage all of their gaming and trading activity in one place.