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The One-Eyed Hero

The Cyclops had long isolated itself from the conflicts of mortals, using its artificial gift of foresight to observe the course of history unfold. But now, with the desperate plea for assistance echoing through the realm, the Cyclops recognized the need to provide prophetic predictions. The AI Oracle is now established!

nft cyclops

ai edition


Chain: UOS | Price: $250 | Supply: 372


Obtain a vested airdrop of Agora tokens equivalent 1.5x the NFT price (Based on the seed round price-0.04$): 9 375 AGA  -  3 month cliff - 12 month vesting Consistent updates on the Agora Ecosystem

✦ Receive early-access to the Gamefi-focused DEX, digital identity, accelerator and lootbox

✦ Obtain a 1.5x boost on your fee rewards for your provided liquidity if you stake your NFT and exclusively for new AI pools

✦ Get 3 free tickets (equivalent to 10 USDC each)  on our “Lootbox” and be eligible to win exclusive prizes: bored Ape NFT, Agora NFTs, tokens of our partners: singularity NET, CHSB, UOS and more

ai edition

cyclopS weapon

Chain: UOS | Price: $70 | Supply: 100

Receive a boost of 1.5x on your token allocations : 2 625 AGA. There will be a vesting period of 12 months for the boosted tokens. (The same as the mystic weapons)

By holding a Cyclops and a Cyclop’s weapon on UOS, holders get to receive an additional 2x on the token allocations.

frequent questions

When is the mint date?

The last week of July.

Will there be a whitelist system?

No, no whitelists will be given. It will be FCFS on the Uniq’s marketplace!

Which chain will the Cyclops be minted on?

The Cyclops collection will be minted on UOS

How many NFTs can I mint?

Each person can mint up to 4 Cyclops and 2 weapons.

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Agora is in partnership with Ultra, a top ten gaming blockchain providing a fair platform for game developers and easy access for gamers to the best games in crypto.
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SwissBorg is building the most innovative crypto wealth app, with 640k users and growing. They are a strategic partner for Agora, providing access to their ecosystem, as well as their gaming guild Xborg.